Q. How does BikeBell work?

A. BikeBell uses real time GIS to track the location of cyclists and creating a virtual safety buffer around them.  Any device running the app in either driving or walking modes are notified when they come within 50m of the cyclist with a bike bell ringing on their phone.

* It is critical that users allow the app to access their current location otherwise the software can’t tell where you are.

Q. What devices are supported?

A. BikeBell runs on iOS devices running OS version 7.0 or later and Android devices supporting API level 10.

Q. How do I use it as a cyclist?

A. Choose the Enable Cyclist option, and press the buy button for the inApp purchase.  Once purchased, you will be asked to create an account.  Once you have validated the email address, you can log in and start using the app.

Q. Where does it work?

A. The BikeBell can work anywhere that you have phone coverage and a GPS location.

Q. How much data does it use?

A. In riding mode it consumes around 1.5MB per 1/2 hour.  In driving or walking mode this is less, but varies with the number of cyclists you pass.

Q. What will it take for this project to succeed?

A. Best case scenario everyone would run the app and be alerted to cyclists, but the reality is that this is unlikely to happen, and we understand this.  Studies have shown that the more cyclists there are on the road then the safer they are as drivers are more aware of them.  Our goal is that this app contribute to this by increasing the awareness of drivers and pedestrians to cyclists and thereby making it safer to ride on the roads.

Q. What can you do to help?

A. Tell others about the app – the more people use it the safer you will be!